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Our goal is to help you attract more patients. With an optimized profile on our platform, you can significantly increase your reach and benefit from a steady stream of patients seeking medical services. Let us help you improve your online presence and accelerate your growth.
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Free expert profile
Doctors, surgeons and clinics can create a profile on the Beautyprotect website free of charge, presenting their qualifications and services to assist our customers in finding a qualified doctor for the desired treatment.
Group purchasing (BB-GPO) beta program
This feature allows organizations with similar interests, such as physicians, surgeons and clinics, to pool their purchasing power.
Efficient contract and claims management
The platform makes it easy to register contracts and claims, including group contracts for collective protection and clarity for all your patients, and reduces administrative burden.
Competence centers for complications
Center of Excellence status requires extensive experience and a low complication rate. All doctors who meet these criteria and guarantee the highest quality standards can apply.
Who Is Beauty Business?
The inventor of Beauty related Insurance products like beautyprotect, lipo-protect and ClinicProtect addressing unique risks associated with operating in the beauty industry.
Free expert profile
Increase your success with Beauty Business and reach thousands of potential customers every day!
Attracting new patients is critical for any doctor, practice or clinic. In today's digital world, it is more important than ever to build a strong online presence in order to be found by potential patients. An attractive and complete profile is invaluable in this regard.
With an optimized profile on our platform, you have the opportunity to reach thousands of interested patients. Our platform attracts a large number of patients looking for medical services and information about doctors, practices and clinics. By creating a complete profile that showcases your services, experience, and expertise, you increase your visibility and increase the likelihood that these patients will find you.
A complete profile also offers the advantage that patients can contact you quickly and easily. When you provide detailed information about your services, patients can make an informed decision about whether you are the right doctor or practice for their needs. Then, when they're ready to make an appointment, they can do so quickly and easily by filling out the contact form provided on your profile or by using your contact information.
But that's not all: an optimized profile also helps you gain the trust and loyalty of your patients. By highlighting your experience, qualifications, and patient reviews, you create a credible image and signal that you are a trustworthy and competent medical provider.
Overall, an attractive and complete profile is essential to successfully attract patients. With our platform and customized tools, you can quickly and easily create an optimized profile that will help you reach thousands of interested patients. Let us help you take your practice or clinic to the next level!
Group purchasing (BB-GPO) beta programm
Deliver Cost Savings with Group Purchasing
As a group purchasing organization, our process is designed to increase your speed to savings, enhance your existing purchasing strategies, and find new ways to implement strategic spend management.
We recognize that cost reduction is vital and often a primary concern for institutions like yours. That's why we take pride in swiftly linking members to savings. By partnering with a group purchasing organization like Beauty Business, we can rapidly and effectively analyze your expenditure categories to pinpoint those that would gain the most from our array of pre-negotiated agreements.
Collective purchasing should augment your existing procurement tactics, bringing extra value through heightened cost savings and risk minimization via dependable supplier partnerships. The team of Sourcing Advisors at Beauty Business will engage with you personally to define what success entails and how group purchasing can play a role in attaining your objectives.
Collaborating with a group purchasing organization as an adjunct to your procurement department provides an added level of proficiency in handling your direct and indirect expenditure categories. GPOs can assist you in crafting sustainable sourcing solutions that boost your organization's profitability. With Beauty Business, you're not just a statistic – you're a cherished partner and our team is prepared to assist you today.
Efficient contract and claims management
A fundamental component of our insurance services. It aims to make the entire process of policy administration and claims handling as effective and smooth as possible.
In the area of contract management, this means that all aspects of contract administration - from the creation and signing of contracts to the monitoring of deadlines and conditions - are handled in a structured and systematic manner. The aim is to minimize errors, ensure compliance, and reduce administrative effort.
In the area of claims management, efficiency includes fast and accurate recording of claims, speedy processing of claims notifications, and fair and transparent settlement of claims. The focus is always on customer satisfaction, as good claims handling makes a significant contribution to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
ClinicProtect: Collective protection and clarity for all your patients. Transparency, openness and detailed information form the basis for the relationship of trust between doctor and patient. With beautyprotect, you also have the opportunity to convey a feeling of security, at least as far as the financial risks of aesthetic surgery are concerned.
Competence centers for complications
First and foremost, however, it is always about providing patients with comprehensive information, non-judgmentally and without pointing fingers.
As experienced doctors in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, we offer a unique opportunity to join our competence center. We understand that patients are often looking for explanations after an aesthetic procedure, especially when faced with unexpected results or complications. It is not always clear whether there is an error in the procedure or an unexpected complication, or whether individual physical characteristics influence the results.
In our center we not only offer a neutral second opinion, but also the planning and implementation of corrective procedures if necessary. Our focus is on an objective and impartial assessment of every situation in order to provide comprehensive information without prejudice. We invite you to become part of this important task and contribute your expertise. Here you can present your extensive experience and low complication rate as quality features and thus make a valuable contribution to patient care.
Beauty Business - GPO Beta Programm
We are looking for professionals in the field of aesthetic surgery, to help shape the development of Beauty Business GPO and other functions. Advanced healthcare solutions for a better future. | +49 40 8221 69 759 | Or use the form below and we will get back to you.
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