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There is a lot to discover at beautyprotect. If you want to inform yourself quickly but thoroughly, take a look at our FAQ. Here we have deposited your most burning questions with answers. If your question does not appear, please contact us.
beautyprotect | FAQ - common questions
The most common questions
What is the difference between Lite and Pro?
Both options cover follow-up costs that arise from medical complications. That is, those that affect your health. In addition to the cost contribution from your health insurance company, we also reimburse optional services such as treatment by a senior doctor or a single room in a public hospital.
Only with beautyprotect Pro are additional Treatment of complications in private clinics and also aesthetic complications covered that lead to a result that, objectively viewed, does not correspond to the desired surgical goal.
You can find more information on this page Tariffs
Can I extend the insurance after my chosen term?
An extension is not necessary. The term is flexible. Keep your protection as long as you need it. After the minimum term of one year has expired, you can cancel the insurance at any time at the end of the month.
To whom or how do I report a claim or a complication?
If you would like to take advantage of your follow-up cost insurance with beautyprotect, please log in Customer account and click Report Damage. Here you follow the instructions in the form and upload the necessary documents. Once received, you will receive an email from our claims department within a short time. From then on you can check the status of things in your customer account at any time.
What do I do if my surgery date is postponed?
If this is your first cosmetic surgery, you can email us the new date communicate. We will then adjust the insurance start date accordingly for you.
Are multiple cosmetic surgeries covered within my term?
Yes, all complications from all past and future cosmetic surgeries are covered during the term of your contract. The prerequisite is that the complication occurs for the first time after the start of the insurance and that it did not already exist beforehand. This does not increase the contribution.
How many contracts do I need if I have several procedures in one day?
Even for multiple procedures, only one contract is required. The contribution does not increase.
What is an aesthetic complication?
An aesthetic complication does not endanger your health. This means that treatment of this complication would not be necessary for medical reasons. An aesthetic impairment occurs when an operation has visually unsightly consequences. These include, for example: B. bulging scars, double bubble, rotation, dislocation or bottoming out of an implant. Aesthetic impairments are also insured in the beautyprotect Pro tariff if they were caused by a complication.
Is dissatisfaction also insured?
No, this is not covered by insurance. The biggest risk with cosmetic surgery is that patients are not satisfied with the results. This may be the case when the change is either not as big as hoped or is so extensive that patients feel alienated in their own bodies. Therefore, it is important to discuss expectations and realistic results in detail before the procedure. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor with any questions you have.
Questions about the contract, term and termination
Can I change doctor?
Yes. You are free to choose your doctor at any time. However, treatment of complications must be carried out in your country of residence.
How long do I have insurance coverage?
The term of your contract begins on the start date you request. If you are having cosmetic surgery performed for the first time, we recommend choosing this day as the start date. The insurance cover has a minimum term of one year. It renews automatically, although you can cancel it monthly after one year.
Important: The complication must occur within the duration of the uncancelled insurance coverage. If you have already canceled your contract and a complication subsequently occurs, you will no longer be insured.
Do I have to cancel my insurance?
If you no longer want insurance cover, you can cancel the contract monthly after a minimum term of one year.
How far in advance do I have to take out the insurance? Is there a deadline?
Since it is taken out online in real time, follow-up cost insurance can also be taken out shortly before an operation and in principle at any time.
Can I still take out beautyprotect after a procedure?
Yes, you can also take out the Lite and Pro tariffs after your procedure. However, any complications must not have arisen before the insurance begins. Since most complications occur shortly after the procedure, we recommend taking out beautyprotect before the cosmetic surgery. So you are on the safe side.
Can I pay the insurance premium in installments?
Yes, you can choose to pay monthly or annually.
What costs does beautyprotect cover?
We cover all costs of medically necessary treatment resulting from complications.
In addition to the cost contribution from your health insurance company, we also reimburse optional services such as treatment by a senior doctor or a single room in a public hospital.
The Pro tariff variant also covers treatment for complications in private clinics and private practices. The resulting costs will be reimbursed as a flat rate. The flat rates correspond to the average costs for private services (see “Catalogue for private medical services”).
Beautyprotect Pro also includes costs for the treatment of aesthetic complications. These costs will also be reimbursed at a flat rate.
Can I cancel the contract?
Yes. You have 14 days from receipt of the insurance confirmation to cancel the contract.
To revoke your consent, simply write an email to Of course, you will receive a refund of the contribution you have already paid.
Can I deduct the contributions for my beauty insurance from tax?
Yes, you can deduct the contributions to this additional health insurance from your income tax. You can declare the contributions as special expenses in your income tax return.
You can find the relevant form online as an attachment for pension expenses. The amount of the contributions can be found in the confirmation you receive from our insurer Squarelife Insurance AG in the first quarter.
Questions about the type of operation and treatment as well as technical terms
What is aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery?
With an aesthetic operation you do not want to eliminate any disease, but rather the result corresponds to your ideal of beauty. Since this is not necessary for medical reasons, at least according to health insurance companies, you pay for these procedures out of your own pocket. As a result, health insurance companies are also entitled to claim back the follow-up costs of treatment for complications following aesthetic surgery.
Are all aesthetic surgeries insurable?
Yes. You can take out beautyprotect for aesthetic procedures without any restrictions. These are generally those that are not medically necessary and are therefore not covered by health insurance.
Are aesthetic operations abroad also insured?
We offer beautyprotect Classic insurance coverage in various countries. You can find an overview of what these are on the page Tariffs. For your insurance cover, you must click on the relevant country in which you want to have the operation in the online application.
Insurance coverage always applies in the country where the operation takes place. However, if complications arise “at home”, i.e. in your home country, you can also seek treatment there. Make sure that your operation is initially billed to your health insurance company. We will cover the costs or the deductible up to 10,000 euros.
For the new Lite and Pro tariffs, there is also insurance cover for cosmetic operations carried out abroad. However, we only pay for complications treated in your home country.
What does complication mean in general?
A complication occurs when an intervention has objectively detectable, unforeseeable consequences that endanger your health and require medical treatment that goes beyond the treatment contract.
Which treatments are insured?
You can cover any type of aesthetic surgery (as described above) with beautyprotect.
I have beautyprotect insurance and am now having Botox injections. Do I also need CosmeticsProtect?
As long as your beautyprotect contract has not been canceled, all aesthetic procedures are also insured, both surgical and minimally invasive. In this case, it is not necessary to take out ComesticsProtect insurance.
Can I also insure my operation with beautyprotect even though the procedure is not on the list?
Yes. We only show the most common or common operations on our site. In principle, you can insure any type of cosmetic surgery with beautyprotect. This does not have to be listed with us.
I have already had one or more complications. Can I still take out beautyprotect?
Basically yes. In this case we will ask you about your previous treatments and complications. Complications that still exist when the insurance is taken out are not insured.
I suffer from lipedema. Can I cover the treatments with beautyprotect?
Yes, you can generally use beautyprotect for liposuction for lipedema. It is important to note that lipedema is a medical condition and treatment with liposuction is therefore not considered a purely aesthetic procedure. Typically, lipedema treatment involves multiple procedures over a longer period of time.

In order to specifically address the needs of lipedema patients, we created lipo-protect. This is special follow-up cost insurance for liposuction as part of lipedema treatment. A lipo-protect contract covers all necessary liposuction during the selected contract period. By clicking on the button you will be taken to the relevant completion page.
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