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BeautyBusiness buying group (GPO) for plastic and cosmetic surgery!
As a respected supplier of plastic and aesthetic surgery products, you now have the opportunity to reach a diverse network of industry professionals throughout the European Economic Area with BeautyBusiness GPO.
Take Advantage of Everything Beauty Business has to Offer
Targeted audience and market access
With BeautyBusiness as a GPO and information portal, you will directly reach a highly qualified target group of plastic and aesthetic surgeons. Our platform offers you a unique opportunity to offer your products specifically to those who are looking for medical technology, surgical instruments and cosmetic items.
Tailored recommendations
Because we have a deep understanding of our customers' needs and capabilities, we can help you as a supplier find the right partners to provide medical equipment and products. Our platform effectively connects you with those who are interested in the solutions you offer.
Expanded market presence
Working with BeautyBusiness allows you to showcase your products to a wide network of professionals in the aesthetic industry throughout the European Economic Area (EEA) or specifically at country level. Through our platform, you will have the opportunity to expand your market presence and establish yourself as a trusted supplier of high-quality medical technology and surgical instruments.
Efficient product development
The close cooperation with our experts enables you as a supplier to adapt your products to the specific needs and wishes of our customers. This efficiency in product development not only creates added value for physicians and therapists, but also offers your company the opportunity to present innovative solutions and build a sustainable partnership.
Who Is Beauty Business?
The inventor of Beauty related Insurance products like beautyprotect, lipo-protect and ClinicProtect addressing unique risks associated with operating in the beauty industry.
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