Beauty is not a coincidence.
It needs protection.
With the beautyprotect follow-up cost insurance, follow-up treatments in the event of complications from cosmetic surgery are comprehensively covered.
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beautyprotect - the follow-up costs insurance for cosmetic surgery
With a cosmetic surgery you decide to take a significant step in your life. Afterwards, you simply want to enjoy the result of this decision.
Follow-up insurance protects you in the event of complications that may arise after an operation. A good doctor usually works very carefully. But despite all caution and thoroughness, unexpected risks can still occur months later, such as capsular fibrosis. Implants could be damaged in an accident or asymmetries could disturb the optical impression.
There are complications with every fifth cosmetic operation.
At beautyprotect, we offer you insurance with affordable monthly premiums. You can rest assured that you won't have to worry about unexpected additional bills for your cosmetic surgery, e.g. liposuction, breast reduction or eyelid lift, that your health insurance doesn't cover.

With our beautyprotect insurance cover, you are protected against all possible additional costs that can arise from unexpected complications during any type of cosmetic surgery, regardless of whether you have one or several procedures at the same time.
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When do you need beautyprotect?
I do not want to worry about additional costs
With beautyprotect, follow-up costs resulting from required treatments are covered. So you only pay for your treatment and leave the rest to us.
I want to be protected from follow-up costs even years later
You decide how long you want to use beautyprotect. After a minimum term of one year, you can cancel on a monthly basis. Otherwise, you remain insured for any complications that may arise.
I do not want to pay too much at once
For the beautyprotect Lite, Pro and VIP tariffs, we offer a monthly payment mode. The premium is then conveniently debited from your account by direct debit. Starting as low as €11.90 per month.
I would like insurance for any type of cosmetic surgery
The beautyprotect follow-up costs insurance is not limited to any specific cosmetic surgery. It can be obtained for all certified cosmetic procedures.
I would like to insure an operation that has already been performed
You can also take out the new Lite, Pro and VIP tariffs for surgeries that took place in the past. This clearly sets us apart from competitors who only cover future surgeries.
I would also like to insure aesthetic complications
You have the choice of whether you want to cover only medical or also aesthetic complications. For this, choose beautyprotect PRO or VIP. In this case, you are even entitled to reimbursement for private services.
Why you should choose beautyprotect
  • Simple online application without hidden costs

  • All aesthetic surgeries are covered

  • Even complications that occur years later are covered.

  • Fast claims settlement in the event of a complication

  • High sum insured

  • Open-ended term for as long as you desire, cancellable at any time.
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LipoProtect is an additional health insurance policy specifically designed to cover complications following lipedema treatments, such as liposuction. It provides financial protection by covering medically necessary treatment following complications and ensuring that patients are not burdened with additional costs.
CosmeticsProtect is follow-up cost insurance for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. It covers medical and aesthetic complications that may arise after such procedures. This insurance offers security against unexpected costs and ensures protection during the insurance period.
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